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Content for Colleague Translators
The coronavirus pandemic has given me enough time restart writing of articles of potential interest to colleague translators, including but not limited to those at the beginning of their career.

Bad Water at My Doorstep: The Adventures of Sanjay Noir, Fearless Translation Broker
The reappearance of Sanjay Noir, fearless translation broker eaking out a living in a hole-in-the-wall office with holes in its walls.
Specialization as a Survival Strategy
The appearance of Japanase-to-English translators in non-Anglophone countries and development of machine translation that is "good enough" for some applications have made specialization particularly important for human translators.
IJET-30 Cairns Presentation
I have uploaded the presentation, including all my notes, which captures everything I actually said in Cairns (and a bit more actually).