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The Author, William Lise

[Updated 2021-3-3]

I have been resident in Japan for more than 43 years this time around (total of about 45 years if you include the period in the 1960s when I was collecting Russian elint for the USN). I am a Japanese-to-English translator working mostly in intellectual property and industrial translation. I also do a significant amount of litigation and other legal interpreting, all of it via my company, Kirameki Translatons, Inc., located in Tokyo.

I have been openly curmudgeon since I came out as a curmudgeon when I was around ten, and my interests go far beyond language and translation thereof, and include such things as the Imperial Japanese Navy, slide rules, and frequenting places that offer a look at traditional Japan. If you have interests in common with me, give me a shout.

For reasons that might be discussed elsewhere, including irrelevance to my professional activities, I am no longer donating content or information regarding my activities to the company Facebook.

If you wish to contact me, I can be reached at this address. I made the address a graphic to avoid it being harvested by the increasingly toxic universe of cybercriminals.

Contact for William Lise

Contacts regarding work should be directed to my company, Kirameki Translations, Inc.