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For Colleague Translators About Language Geeky/Nerdy Things Japanese Things

The Author

I have been resident in Japan for more than 42 years this time around, and am a Japanese-to-English translator working mostly in patent translation. I also do a significant amount of litigation and other legal interpreting.

I have been openly curmudgeon since I came out as a curmudgeon when I was around ten, and my interests go far beyond language and translation thereof, and include such things as the Imperial Japanese Navy, slide rules (last year I culled down my collection from over 450 slide rules to just the 279 slide rules I really "need"), and frequenting places that offer a look at traditional Japan. Time permitting, content regarding those interests will be appearing on this recently rebirthed website.

For reasons that might be discussed on pages directed at colleague translators, including irrelevance to my professional activities, I no longer uses the platforms of any social media company.

If you need to contact me, I can be reached at this address. I made the address a graphic to avoid it being harvested by the increasingly toxic universe of cybercriminals.

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