Update: Blocking is your friend.

As an update on the recent problem I had on Facebook, I have effected a solution by simply blocking the person who thought it was fine to accuse me of saying something I didn’t say after deleting the thing I actually said, thereby preventing me from demonstrating what I actually said. I also left one group that person is in.

Back to normal (?) posting on Facebook, until Zuckerberg’s outrageous behavior or other events push me over the edge and I simply leave entirely.


The Reason for My Silence on Facebook

I have grown very tired of Facebook users who spend an inordinate amount of time posting to their timeline and to their friends in groups trendy photos of them doing trendy things in trendy places in support of their self-curated personas. One the other day demonstrated a level of arrogance and a lack of civility that left me rather gob-smacked. People who know me will realize that my gob is not that easily smacked.

I have no time for such substance-challenged people and will act accordingly. Unfriending and blocking are just two ways that can be done. In the meantime, I have decided not to participate in the cesspool of Facebook, or at least not in any group in which such members make their curated presence felt.

Japan’s Covid Paralysis

Yesterday we had 539 new Covid-19 cases in Tokyo, a new high for Tokyo (the second in three days), and a new high nationwide. Japan appears to be doing much better than many other advanced nations, and certainly is not seeing the chaos that is happening in the US.

I think Japan’s success is due in a large part not to the government leadership, but rather to cultural factors. In addition to most Japanese not having aversion to mask-wearing, most Japanese have a sense of community and commonality of purpose with other Japanese. There is nothing of the us-and-them attitude that is so prevalent in the US. In reality, there are few of “them” to other. Japan is a highly other-challenged country.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the politicians sent effective messages to indicate how serious this was and how important it is for people to follow guidelines of behavior. After the first month or so, however, things have gone awry. The messaging has been more along the lines of “as long as you follow guidelines, you can do whatever you want wherever you want to do it.” That, I believe, has resulted in the recent record high levels of infections here in Japan. The government is essentially saying that it’s ok to do anything, as long as you are careful. They even instituted partial subsidies for domestic tourism, a business that has been seriously hit by the pandemic. What this does is replace tourists from overseas (mostly China) with Japanese tourists. The dangers remain, but are suffered by the locals.

And with all this going on, Japan is still planning on holding the once-delayed Olympics. I think they are seriously hallucinating or in serious denial. Although Japan is doing fairly well (still), many thousands of athletes and support personnel (not to mention spectators) coming to Japan from countries not doing well is certainly not a smart thing to do. Japan needs to cut bait; there are no Olympic fish available this time. I realize that huge amounts of money, including bribes, have been paid to make the Olympics happen, but shit also happens, and it has happened in a major way. It is time to get out of the way of the shit on its way to the fan.

Japan has essentially been paralyzed, unable to make embarrassing decisions to correct wrong decisions. I hope this condition can be fixed before it causes any more damage.

No Good News

The Corona pandemic has had a serious effect on many businesses. Language service businesses are no exception.

Opening up “the economy” might help a few highly visible business such as bars and restaurants, but it doesn’t help language services or the users thereof very much. Nobody needs to tell most translators to stay home because of the Corona pandemic. Most stay at home most of the time anyway. But the pandemic has made it extremely difficult to go out and meet people to sell, something that is still very much part of Japanese business activities.

The situation is basically the same for my clients, both in Japan and the US, particularly because of travel restrictions between the US and Japan, although there appears to be absolutely no checking or enforcement of purported “mandatory” isolation after arrival in either country.

The virus is highly unlikely to have been a man-made attack, but the prolonged pandemic, particularly in the US, is the result of arrogance, stupidity, and greed on the part of humans.

Drastic measures—unspeakable, yet-unspoken, and potentially politically suicidal measures—are probably going to be required to beat this thing.

I have little confidence that government leaders will step forward and do what is necessary. Politicians are looking out for themselves, their bank accounts, and the bank accounts of their donors.

It could be that we will need to continue to suffer this man-made aspect of the Corona pandemic until a vaccine is widely available and widely administered (perhaps next Spring or later?) and then hope that, in particular, the US government can enact measures that will make it so painful and costly to resist vaccination that even diehard antivaxxers and other mental defectives give in and get jabbed.

Facebook Disengagement

I have recently deleted all the posts on my Facebook timeline and all the posts of mine I could find in the two groups I have been most active recently.

Facebook has come to look more and more like a breeding ground for narcissists with highly self-curated personas. That has made it very unattractive to me.

I am also engaging in the process of blocking or unfriending accounts of:

  • people who often share content that is totally unattributed or is attributed to a source that has not revealed their true identity;
  • people who often share content, the copyright on which is owned by someone else, where it is unreasonable to think that they had permission to do so (publicly available and easy-to-steal do not equate to public domain);
  • people who often share content from anonymous Facebook pages (most are anonymous) or a website that is anonymously created and maintained;
  • people who promote cults, religions, or coaching businesses;
  • people who share “chain” posts that ask readers to share or copy & paste them; and last, but certainly not least,
  • people who clearly support political views that have done much in recent years to bring destruction and division to the country of my birth; I have neither the skills nor time to change their views.

There you have it. My new social media order. Leaner, meaner, less generous, and (I hope) less time-consuming and annoying to me.