Facebook Disengagement

I have recently deleted all the posts on my Facebook timeline and all the posts of mine I could find in the two groups I have been most active recently.

Facebook has come to look more and more like a breeding ground for narcissists with highly self-curated personas. That has made it very unattractive to me.

I am also engaging in the process of blocking or unfriending accounts of:

  • people who often share content that is totally unattributed or is attributed to a source that has not revealed their true identity;
  • people who often share content, the copyright on which is owned by someone else, where it is unreasonable to think that they had permission to do so (publicly available and easy-to-steal do not equate to public domain);
  • people who often share content from anonymous Facebook pages (most are anonymous) or a website that is anonymously created and maintained;
  • people who promote cults, religions, or coaching businesses;
  • people who share “chain” posts that ask readers to share or copy & paste them; and last, but certainly not least,
  • people who clearly support political views that have done much in recent years to bring destruction and division to the country of my birth; I have neither the skills nor time to change their views.

There you have it. My new social media order. Leaner, meaner, less generous, and (I hope) less time-consuming and annoying to me.