The Reason for My Silence on Facebook

I have grown very tired of Facebook users who spend an inordinate amount of time posting to their timeline and to their friends in groups trendy photos of them doing trendy things in trendy places in support of their self-curated personas. One the other day demonstrated a level of arrogance and a lack of civility that left me rather gob-smacked. People who know me will realize that my gob is not that easily smacked.

I have no time for such substance-challenged people and will act accordingly. Unfriending and blocking are just two ways that can be done. In the meantime, I have decided not to participate in the cesspool of Facebook, or at least not in any group in which such members make their curated presence felt.

Author: William Lise

A long-time resident in japan, I have been chiefly involved with Japanese-to-English translation and litigation interpreting for decades. I was an electrical engineer in my previous life.