The End of an Era

With a heavy heart, we bid farewell to the Mr. Potato Head brandname, although Hasbro will retain its Mr. and Mrs. designations for its cis-gender spud characters, even after gender-neutralization of the brandname.

I think they’re missing a great opportunity to win more wokepoints. Competitor Mattel has been making Barbies and Kens for decades, although they are offering Barbies in a wide variety now in an aim to be inclusive. 

Why doesn’t Hasbro take it to a new woke level, by introducing the Trans Potato Head. The back story should be obvious. The TPH was planted and harvested as a cucumber but knew from early on “who it was,” a potato in a cucumber’s body and proud of it too. Most people don’t yet accept TPHs, and that is precisely why Hasbro should take this bold step toward vegetable diversity.

And while they’re at it, since Mattel produces Barbies with disabilities, hair loss, and vitiligo, the least Hasbro can do is to produce spuds that sprout eyes and perhaps have worms. Think outside the potato sack, guys!

Author: William Lise

A long-time resident in japan, I have been chiefly involved with Japanese-to-English translation and litigation interpreting for decades. I was an electrical engineer in my previous life.