The way of all social media: Microsoft’s LinkedIn has signed on.

My last post presented my views of some of the self-congratulators on LinkedIn. A more recent development is that one of my LinkedIn connections (who is a self-congratulating fellow and not a potential client) now has participated in a public (of course) conversation which has been polluted by someone posting an obvious invitation to a get-rich-quick scam.

It certainly appears that Microsoft’s LinkedIn is taking on some of the more toxic characteristics of platforms such as Facebook. One of the reasons I left Facebook was precisely that kind of toxicity.

The connection of mine who is part of that pissed-in swimming pool of a conversation is himself a “connection collector”—growing the number of his connections indiscriminately at any cost. The price you pay for doing that is having to suffer invitations to a crime scene as the victim, because indiscriminate connecting on LinkedIn inevitably means you connect with people who themselves are indiscriminating.

This person might shortly be an ex-connection, and my interaction on LinkedIn going forward should be limited to views about my profession and business and introductions to content on my company’s website, including its blog, which is probably the only way to use Microsoft’s LinkedIn platform to my advantage.

Author: William Lise

A long-time resident in japan, I have been chiefly involved with Japanese-to-English translation and litigation interpreting for decades. I was an electrical engineer in my previous life.