Meaningless calls to ban assault weapons

The boilerplate response to a mass shooting is calling for a ban on assault weapons, which is meaningless, of course, in the murder culture of the US.

The proud ammophilic patriots dutifully oppose such calls but realize there is no real danger, because their voting power guarantees that legislatures will take no action that threatens their right to own hardware by which they assert their agency over the people they don’t want to be replaced by. America is fucked. Long live America.

Seventh wave; now what?

Tokyo has been at or above a doubling weekday-on-weekday growth rate now for several days and, as we enter the seventh wave, the politicians are still dreaming of money-spending tourists, ignoring the irresponsible behavior of Japanese under 50 in not getting vaccinated and boosted.

Tokyo today:

And it’s not just Tokyo. the national count of new cases today was 2.04 times the count last Thursday.

More resourcefulness is going to be needed to get out of what looks like the impending seventh wave of COVID-19 here.

Legal measures that compel (yes, compel) people to get vaccinated and boosted are needed. A particularly serious problem that shows up in the statistics is the low vaccination and very low boosted ratio of younger people, the ones that are out there spreading the virus and the ones who will be interacting the the hordes of inbound tourists and cheap foreign laborers.

This new rebound must serve as a wakeup call for politicians who find it difficult to do anything but hope for the best.

Hoping will do nothing.

My “in-depth” analysis: Fuck the tourist businesses and businesses reliant on cheap foreign laborers. Shut things down and enact legislation that compels vaccination.

Although things have picked up somewhat recently, my business has been essentially shut down for more than two years. The amount of government aid money I received over two and a half years was equivalent to about 1.5 month’s of sales. Not enough, but I am not complaining.

I am afraid that continued opening up the borders and pretendimg that we are done with the pandemic will prove to be a mistake for a number of reasons.

Yes, businesses need cheap laborers who come here under the cover story of being trainees. Yes, universities want customers (students) from overseas. And, of course, tourism-reliant businesses are hurting. But the rhetoric spewed by politicians in bed with businesses is sending the wrong message, ignoring the reality that we are still in the middle of a pandemic.

It is increasingly clear that for many people the only greater good is somethimg that is good for them.

I repeat my ”in-depth” analysis: Fuck the tourist businesses and the businesses reliant on cheap foreign laborers. Shut things down and enact legislation that compels.

We have been here too many times. Let’s try to make this the last time. politicians need to pull their heads out of their asses and act.

LinedIn Deterioration Continues

I have indicated zero interest in creating or managing a YouTube Channel.

Why would I want my content to reside on a proprietary platform with a solid track record of hosting garbage interspersed with advertisements for criminals?

And this ”based on your interest in…” lie is on the level of Zuckerberg’s proven lies about who of your friends is a member of some group. When the goal is the creation of huge wealth, lying becomes acceptable. Lying is the new honesty.

And here we are again.

Every day in every way we are getting closer and closer to being able to point to the graph and recognize that we are entering the seventh COVID-19 wave here in Japan.

We’ve been here numerous times. Each time it has been difficult for the politicians to admit the seriousness of the situation quickly enough to get a leg up on attacking the problems.

Yes, the numbers of deaths and seriously ill cases are still very low. But the number of new COVID-19 cases is increasing rapidly, with several prefectures experiencing all-time high numbers in the past few days.

And, while businesses clamor to get started again and politicians continue to send messages that lead people to believe that we’re coming out of the pandemic, the numbers tell a much different story.

Here is the curve reflecting Tokyo cases, taken from Nikkei today.

And the growths from this graph and from other publicly available information show a same weekday-to-weekday growth of 2.19-fold (to 8,341) for Tokyo and 1.96-fold (to 45,821) for the entire nation. For Kanagawa Prefecture, where I live, the same weekday-to-weekday growth was 2.41-fold (to 3,038). The average week-on-week growth for Tokyo was 1.868-fold.

These are worrying numbers. Will the politicians take action to attempt to stop the growth? All they have done in the past few days is talk about securing hospital beds. Hospital beds are certainly important, but the politicians seem to be giving insufficient attention to a serious problem that is hiding in plain view, that being the vaccination problem, which has two aspects.

One is that the effectiveness of vaccinations already administered is weakening significantly. This is not something I am making up. People in the know, well, know, and they are talking about it. The other aspect is the reluctance of people under about 50 to get boosted. That group forms a very large portion of the new infections and also is highly unvaccinated and very highly under-boosted. The government must step up and devise methods for forcing people in this group to get vaccinated and boosted, for the benefit of not only themselves, but also the more vulnerable people around them.

And as the politicians step up and undertake to achieve the above quite-achievable goals, they also need to stop talking as if we are done with the pandemic, because we are not done with the pandemic, nor is it done with us. And I hope they can call off the tourism incentives and rethink the opening of the borders while they’re at it.

Hospital beds, of course, but what about preventing spread during the current COVID-19 rebound?

With a rebound in cases (and three prefectures experiencing their highest ever counts yesterday), the Japanese central government has urged local governments to make sufficient hospital beds available.

The government has apparently not made any comments about what they are doing or plan to do to stop the spread this time. Nor has there been any announcement concerning the fate of plans for government tourist subsidies or discounts. And I don’t hear any announcement of a change in the requirements for entry into Japan. And how does the government plan to have the many unvaccinated and highly underboosted people under 40 or 50 get with the program to stop the spread? The lack of resourcefulness is breathtaking.

Have they just run out of ideas? Is the pressure from business groups just too much for them? Is it the election?

US Gun Murder Illness is Terminal

Multiple murderer Crimo had been investigated for threats to murder people and had multiple weapons confiscated from him. He couldn’t be arrested because there was no written complaint. But even after that incident he was able to buy multiple guns legally. The red flag provision of the recent meaningless federal gun law only encourages and enables states to confiscate guns or prevent dangerous people from buying guns. It doesn’t compel them to do so.

Why? Because the states have ultimate say regarding allowing someone to own guns. And even if one state does the right thing, you only need one other state to be run by supporters of ammophilics. People are not stopped and searched for guns at state borders, nor should they need to be.

This whole situation is fucked up in the highest.

The US has a murder culture and not enough courage or intelligence to even admit that and fix it. Handwaving is all that is offered.

The US is broken and will probably stay that way.

From CNN:


Police took knives from home after Crimo said he would kill people

In September 2019, Highland Park Police went to Crimo’s home after a family member reported that he had said he was going to kill everyone, according to Covelli.

“The threat was directed at family inside of the home,” he said.

Police confiscated a collection of bladed items — 16 knives, a dagger and a sword — but made no arrests because there were no signed complaints against Crimo. Highland Park Police did notify state police about the visit. Involuntary commitment wasn’t an option, Covelli said.

State Police Master Sgt. Delilah Garcia said they looked at whether Crimo had a firearm owner’s identification card that should have been revoked, but he had no card.

Minimizing the Cost of the Current COVID-19 Rebound in Japan

The vaccination rates and age statistics of newly infected cases clearly show what happens when people get overconfident. The effectiveness of vaccines has seriously fallen off, and many people under 40 are underboosted.

It is very important that the Japanese government find a way to make (yes, make) younger people get boosted. This must be done before the cool weather sets in again, lest we have yet another year of COVID-19 pandemic ahead of us.

Even doing that we might still not be out of this until next year, but there is no reason to act irresponsibly and not look for new methods of making people get vaccinated and boosted.

It Looks Like We Are in a Familiar Place in this Pandemic in Japan

As the government and businesses continue to talk about opening Japan up again and even some medical people are starting to talk about situations in which you might take off your mask, the report of new cases today was quite grim, and points to a definite rebound, even before the sixth wave had ended.

Weekday-on-weekday growth was 2.11-fold and 1.87-fold in Tokyo and the entire nation, respectively. The corresponding week-on-week average growths were 1.749-fold and 1.46-fold. Here is today’s result, as reported by Nikkei.

Delusion State of Mind

From BBC:

“New York has passed emergency legislation to ban guns from many public places, following last month’s landmark Supreme Court ruling which struck down the state’s restrictions.”

Well, we are just going to see arguments about what “public” means. My guess is that, until it is struck down by the gun-slingers on SCOTUS, NY might get away with banning guns in places owned and operated by the government. Shopping malls? I tend to doubt it would work. 


“The rules also require gun buyers to prove they can use a gun and submit social media accounts for review.”

Earth to NY, come in please!

Social media accounts are, well, non-accountable. They can be created anonymously and operated anonymously. The people who think a rule like this would be meaningful are delusional.

Social media is a lawless and totally unregulated space where people can do whatever they want and with whatever name they might choose to use, with no accountability.