I’d Name Names if There Were Names to Name: Anonymity is the Friend of Thieves and a Cowards

In a Facebook group I am in, there is a member with a fake family name that is the German translation of “wargamer.” This is a group of over 10,000 members and is not a wargaming group. It appears that nobody in the group questions the identity of this anonymous member, and his profile does not give any other names. It appears that anonymity and fake names are now accepted as normal by many people.

This fellow (perhaps, but if we can’t be sure of a name, how can we be sure of sex?) recently published some photos that he gives no attribution for and that he apparently does not own or have the publication rights to. That makes him a thief.

This appears to be the expected normal behavior in the exciting world of social media; a numbed sense of right and wrong and instant gratification by eye candy provided to you by people suffering the same moral malaise.